During snow accumulation, it is important to pay particular attention to the following elements in order to facilitate our snow clearer job and to avoid any inconvenience.
Please do not place garbage cans or recycling bins in the parking areas where snow must be removed.

Electric extensions or firewood should be stored way from the parking that must be snow cleared.

Free your driveway and make sure you position your vehicle in a manner that will not obstruct snow removal operations.

It is your responsibility to protect objects in the area’s where snow will be piled away (floor lamp, fountain, bush, electric outlets, picnic tables, hedge, etc.)

Following ice rain or ice accumulation, it is your responsibility to apply the abrasive (salt, stone or sand) to secure snow removal operations in your parking lot.

In the event of an emergency or important notice contact us at 450-478-1021 or by email


Our snowstorm alert notification service will advise you by email when the moment has come to move your vehicle for an efficient plowing.

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